Best Fishing Boats

A great fishing boat is on the wish list of most keen fishers. Deciding which boat to buy can be a challenging task as the leading boat manufacturers spoil the market for choice with great models. Offerings cover the full budget spectrum from a basic Quintrex aluminium dinghy with an outboard through specialist sports fishing ranges such as Haines Signature right up to the luxury ranges such as Riviera, fully decked out for the ultimate offshore fishing experience.

Whatever your budget, the boat shows are a great place to see collections or shop from home and browse the boat sales websites for what’s available in both the new and used markets.

Best Boat Loans

Whatever boat you select, you will likely need a great boat loan to launch your fishing dreams. Boat loans and marine finance is available from a range of banks and lenders and through finance brokers, especially those that specialise in the marine finance and boat loan sector.

Personal finance for boats is usually offered through a Secured Boat Loan or an Unsecured Personal Loan.

For businesses involved in professional fishing services or commercial fishing, the range of commercial finance facilities are available to support your acquisition.

These finance products include:

  • Marine Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) for Boats
  • Boat Leasing

Deciding which is the best loan type for your business requires a consultation with your accountant and consideration of how each product treats GST, tax deductions, balance sheet and other factors.

Sourcing Boat Finance

While some banks and finance companies offer marine finance, the best deals are usually acquired through a specialist marine finance broker. Professional finance brokers have expertise pertinent to marine finance and have a lending panel of banks and industry-only lenders that fully understand the marine industry. By having a wider choice of options to source you a boat loan quote, brokers have a better chance to source you a better boat loan.

When selecting a broker, ensure they are independent of any bank or finance company but accredited with a large number. This independence is essential to ensure you are receiving the best outcome. Professional brokers are usually members of FBAA and you can check credentials through that association.

We know people who are specialists in sourcing marine finance deals and we invite you to contact us if you would like further information and contacts.