Best Fishing Gear and Tackle

Keen fishers will have their favourites when it comes to tackle and gear but everyone is on the look-out for new releases and tips from the community. Fishing publications and online forums are great sources of information and reviews on new equipment as it is released.

There are a number of large sporting and lifestyle retailers that offer extensive ranges of fishing gear and tackle to varying degrees. Boating Fishing and Camping – BCF , Tackle Warehouse and Anaconda all offer a large range of gear including rods, reels, combos, lines, gear, tackle, lures and storage and regularly offer sales and discounts

But don’t forget your local retailer that specialises in the gear, tackle and bait that is specifically suited to your local conditions. If visiting regional areas, head to the specialist fishing stores and support local businesses.

Visit an Expo

To see a wide range of gear from major manufacturers and suppliers in the one place, you can’t miss one of the big expos and shows in your area. Many of the caravan and camping shows have expanded to embrace fishing and boating into the exhibitor line-up. There are major lifestyle shows in most major cities and smaller shows in key regional locations throughout the year. Calendars of events can be sourced at or do an internet search for local events.

The major international boat shows also include a big array of fishing equipment.

Binge on TV Shows

Across both free-to-air and pay TV, fishing is well represented. Thanks to the support of the fishing industry, there are a large number of TV programs devoted to fishing and they cover off on a lot of new gear and tackle releases. As well as highlighting some amazing locations.

Join a Club

Fishing clubs are a great source of information in gear, tackle and locations. Many run regular tournaments for amateur in both coastal areas and inland waterways. Follow the experts or clubs on social media to pick up tips and hints to enhance your fishing experience.