Best Fishing Spots In Australia

With fishing one of the most popular activities in Australia, even raising the question of the best fishing spots is a highly contentious prospect. Is it fly fishing, deep sea adventures, rock fishing, stream and lake angling or sports fishing experiences? The issue is debated far and wide and likely will never be resolved unanimously. Of course it depends on the season as different locations are better in different months of the year. While serious anglers keep their best locations a highly guarded secret, a quick internet search reveals a number of websites including tourism agencies that are keen to publicise their suggestions to promote travel to the regions.

Here is a collection of ideas we have sourced, but unfortunately, yet to experience to provide first hand feedback:-

  • Marlin fishing in the sea off the coast of Cairns in North Queensland. Owners of well-equipped fishing boats regularly transport their vessels north from the southern states for the season and a large local charter boat fleet awaits to cater for visitors.
  • The Northern Territory’s Top End is renowned for its great barramundi fishing and the best time to go is from October through December.
  • The pristine waters of remote sections of the north-west coast of Western Australia are a mecca for fishing enthusiasts and many make the trek to destinations such as Exmouth for game fish and deep sea experiences off the edge of the continental shelf.
  • For great trout fishing, head to any of the thousands of lakes in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Some locations are not for the feint-hearted as they can only be accessed by foot.
  • If your favourite type of fishing is from the beach, then you can’t go past casting a line from one of Australia’s most iconic stretches of sand, Cable Beach, Broome in Western Australia. The fishing is amazing and the sunsets are awesome.
  • New South Wales has many great fishing spots but Port Stephens is arguably the most famous for sports fishers chasing the big game. The region plays host to the annual NSW Interclub Fishing Tournament which is the largest event of its type in the southern hemisphere.
  • For commercial fishing operations the waters off South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania are infamous for tuna and the highly fancied King George Whiting.

Check for Local Conditions

Whatever is your preferred fishing style or location, always check with the local authorities when you are entering areas that are new to you. Due to water conditions and species sustainability concerns, restrictions and bans are intermittently placed on specific fishing areas.

Wherever you’re fishing, if it is for sport or your own consumption, be considerate, take only what you need and within legal limits and do your bit for sustainability. Always take your rubbish with you and follow all best practice to prevent nets and lines being discarded in the waterways. Plastics, lines and nets pose massive risks to the marine wildlife and our environment.