Best 4u Fishing


In our island home, girt by sea, criss-crossed with amazing inland waterways and boasting over 4,000 species of fish, it’s not surprising that fishing is one of the most popular activities in Australia.

Fishers cover the full spectrum of our population and there are plenty of options: fly fishing in mountain streams and lakes, the thrill of offshore game fishing, dangling a hand line from your cabin cruiser or the local jetty, sport fishing clubs and competitions to test your skills, sourcing food to feed a nation of seafood lovers or just a great reason to get outdoors and relax.

While there are many organised fishing activities, for the majority of fishing enthusiasts it’s all about grabbing the bait and a mate, packing the boat and heading off for a session on your favourite waterway.

Whatever is your favourite way to fish, you’re going to need the gear, the tackle, preferably a boat and tips on where the best fishing spots are in Australia. We’ve done our research and bring you some of the best info we could find to make your fishing even more enjoyable.


Is it barra in the Top End, giant marlin off FNQ, chasing tuna off the southern parts or a river, bay or harbour near you? This is a debate that will be played out forever and most fishers won’t give up their secrets. But some tourism operators have dared to reveal some top spots.


Great equipment definitely makes the fishing experience more productive and enjoyable. Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly releasing new gear to a grateful audience. So where can you get the best gear?


Do you need a bigger boat? The range of specialty fishing boats available in Australia is extensive and there are plenty of opportunities to check out the new releases. Fortunately, there are also great sources of finance to make owning your own fishing boat a very realistic proposition.


Operating in a demanding and sometimes temperamental environment, the commercial fishing industry faces many challenges in going about their daily work. Accessing cost-effective equipment finance is critical to sustaining their business and the overall industry.